We are a new circus theater production company, Summer 2015 will be our first season of performance in Ireland. AcrophobiA Productions is a 3 person operation with all business managed, performances produced and performed by the 3 members. Though we are a new company, individually we have much performing experience, it is the combination of our different backgrounds and experience which make this a truly exciting venture.

As well as working our street theater piece we have been developing a piece designed for theater which will be performing at the Dublin Circus Festival in March 2015.

We are:


Tony Mahon (26) is Dublin born and bred, and is also a born performer with a natural ability to win over any crowd with a cheeky grin. He discovered Juggling at the age of 18 and has been hooked ever since. His skill level advanced to such a level that he was granted a place in the Roghelio Rivel Circus school in Barcelona in 2012. It was here that his flair for theater, in particular comedic physical theater really shone trough. He has performed in Ireland, Spain France and the UK and recently directed and produced The Dublin Circus Projects performance for Culture Night 2014. As well as theater Tony is highly skilled on trampoline and Korean Plank and his experience has been invaluable in the formation of AcrophobiA Productions.


Ben Carpenter (27) from Australia raised in Dublin found a love of circus while in College studying for his Bachelors of Law. After obtaining his degree he went on to continue training in Juggling and the circus arts training at various institutions in Ireland and throughout Europe, spending a year training at the Katakomben Center for Performing Arts in Berlin and returning in the hope of bringing contemporary Circus to a wider audience in Ireland. He is currently Chairman of the Dublin Circus Project and manager of Dublin’s only Circus training space, The Barn and teaches classes regularly there.

48142_10151739058223275_872754892_nAoife Raleigh (27) from Mullingar now based in Dublin, has been performing as a musician from young age. Having being brought up with many Irish traditional instruments it was the Bodhran that captured her heart. In later years her love for percussion lead her to circus when drumming with a stilt walking samba band. She has been practicing hoop for 5 years and from this a love for acrobatics blossomed. She has recently returned from Barcelona where she was studying acrobatics and Korean plank.

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